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Be part of this year's biggest learning technology research project

These days, it seems that we have the world at our fingertips - and mobile is at the forefront of the very latest learning technologies. 

Now the Learning Technology Research Project is giving you the chance to be part of what we hope will be the year's biggest community research project using mobile learning technologies.

What's it all about?

Mobile learning, widely labelled as the future of digital learning, is one of the biggest trends in the world of modern education. 

The research programme aims to understand the way people interact with digital learning and support resources on their mobile phones and tablets - and how these can be used to enhance the way people learn. 

What's involved?

The programme will be delivered via the 'Learning Technology Research Project' App for your Apple or Android phone or tablet. 

During a 2 week period, you will receive a mix of 13 short mobile learning modules (each lasting 4-6 minutes), plus quizzes and surveys that provide a comprehensive insight into the latest thinking on learning technology. You can participate in social learning forums, gain valuable contacts and ideas by networking with other people in the industry, and have the opportunity to ask questions of our experts. 

Your experiences in this interactive training exercise will be monitored anonymously to give our research team a greater understanding of how we can all improve the real effectiveness of learning programmes.

Why should you take part?

This is your chance to see mobile training in action and try it for yourself. 

As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a certificate and a free copy of the summary research report - enabling you to enhance the effectiveness of your own learning and development programmes..

By joining us in this community based research project, you will help all of us who are interested in education and training to better understand how to use mobile technology to spread knowledge. 

Meet the Experts

Professor John Cook

Professor John Cook is Co-Director of ZoP Space Ltd.

John has been part of research and development grant proposals that have attracted over £5 million in competitive external funding. He has published articles and presented talks in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning.

Find out more about John.


Dr. Patricia Santos

Dr. Patricia Santos has a Computer Engineering degree and a PhD in Information, Communication and Media Technologies, focused on the research areas of Human Computer Interaction, Technology Enhanced Learning and Mobile Learning.

Patricia has been involved in European R&D projects in the same research areas.

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James Griffin

James Griffin has taught and managed adult learners for ten years, rising to be the youngest teacher trainer for further education in the UK.

James is now completing doctoral research on the borderline between Data Science and Education, exploring how people can be empowered to take charge of their own learning. 

Find out more about James.

Tim Buff.png

Timothy Buff

Timothy Buff is Chief Learning Strategist and CEO at Agylia.

Tim is ex-PwC and has established his reputation working with a number of leading international organisations on the use of the latest technologies to enhance learner engagement and build the effectiveness of varied learning and support programmes.  

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